Digital Content Creation

I serve organizations looking to enhance their external/internal communications and training. I assemble engaging and compelling digital content with expertise in design, templating, video production, creative management, and content strategy development. I work closely with the organization to understand its vision, goals, ¬†structure, culture, and philosophy to deliver customized solutions that meet its conditions. So whether you’re looking to engage your audience, or train your team, I am committed to high-quality digital content.

My Quick Tips and Tricks for Every Business

Do you want to enhance your organization? Do you want to take it to the next level? 

Creative Workflow Consulting

I specialize in optimizing the creative process by investigating current systems, identifying broken processes, proposing improvements, recommending the appropriate software/hardware, and offering productivity training. With my expertise, I can help organizations streamline their creative workflows, increase efficiency, and save time and money. In addition, I aim to empower teams to work more effectively, creatively, and collaboratively, enabling them to reach their goals and achieve a greater return on their time investment.

Greatest Strengths

Problem Assessment

My strength lies in my ability to quickly and accurately assess problems. I have a keen eye for identifying issues and analyzing their underlying causes. Furthermore, I excel at proposing targeted solutions that address the root cause of problems rather than just treating their symptoms.

Automation Research & Implementation

Passionate about automations, I am skilled in researching and implementing solutions to automate repetitive tasks. I can identify workflow inefficiencies and develop targeted solutions that save time and improve productivity. I can also implement automation tools and processes that enable organizations to work more efficiently and cost-effectively.

Adobe Creative Suite

I possess extensive experience working in Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign, and as a result, can create high-quality designs, manipulate images, and optimize graphics for a wide range of digital and print media. Additionally, I can create complex vector graphics and illustrations that meet the highest standards of quality and precision.

Design Templating

I am a proficient user of Canva and have a talent for creating visually compelling design templates. I can quickly create professional, visually appealing templates that meet the organization’s needs. Furthermore, I can easily modify existing templates to meet new design requirements and ensure consistency across a brand’s designs.

Video Production

I am skilled in video production and possess expertise in shooting high-quality footage, lighting, and sound design. I can conceptualize and execute creative video ideas that meet my client’s objectives, whether for promotional content, social media, or corporate video productions.

Video Editing

I have extended experience in video editing, with particular expertise in Final Cut Pro X. I can work efficiently and creatively with raw footage, selecting the best shots and arranging them into a cohesive narrative that tells a story. I can also perform advanced editing techniques, including color grading, special effects, and sound mixing.